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Mazda Servicing

Regular servicing is the key to the long-term performance, efficiency and safety of your Mazda. Keeping the Zoom-Zoom factor at its peak is made easy, convenient and worry-free through the Mazda Maintenance Program.

Our servicing plans give you the certainty of knowing exactly how much you will pay for a particular Scheduled Service performed by us than the price advertised at the time your Scheduled Service booking is confirmed, no matter which Mazda Dealer you use and no matter whether your new car warranty has expired.

By checking the price of the service on our website at the time your booking is confirmed, you can be assured that you will pay no more than that advertised price.

We also understand everyone has different driving habits. That’s why we’ve revised our service scheduling to better suit you. Now you simply service your Mazda every 10,000kms. This correctly maintains your vehicle’s integrity and helps ensure trouble-free motoring.

Mazda Service Select

With Mazda Service Select you can vary your visit schedule according to how you use your Mazda. For example, if you travel on average 13,000kms per year, you can service your Mazda once every 9 months, if you travel less, say 8,000kms per year you only need to come in once a year. You’ll also get peace of mind as you will not pay more for a Scheduled Service performed by us than the price advertised at the time your Scheduled Service booking is confirmed+. Just check to view the current pricing when it's time to book your service.

Mazda Service Select applies to the following range of current generation vehicles. Select your vehicle to view the current advertised price for your Mazda Genuine Service. If your vehicle is not shown, use our Service Price Guide below to see the approximate cost of your next scheduled service and what it will involve^. 

Service Price Guide

If your vehicle is not shown above, use our Service Price Guide below to see the approximate cost of your next scheduled service and what it will involve^. 

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If you have a current range Mazda vehicle, please refer to our Mazda Service Select page. 

Or if your vehicle is still not found, please contact your Mazda Service Centre for more information on your next scheduled service.

Contact your local Mazda Service Centre or click here for the full terms and conditions. Prices effective from 28th October 2014.

Keeping the Emotion in Motion

Zoom-Zoom is Mazda’s way of expressing the exhilaration, liberation and sheer joy that come from experiencing motion. We practice it every day. It’s why we build the kind of cars we do. It’s also why Mazda Service experts are better qualified than anyone to keep Zoom-Zoom alive and driving – today, tomorrow and down the road. The Mazda Maintenance Program, is the most effective way to ensure the passion and thrill born into every Mazda stays right where it belongs: at your fingertips.

Looking after your Mazda is only half the story. We know that you are happiest when you are on the road with your Mazda, so keeping you there is our priority. At Mazda we want your service experience to be as easy and convenient as possible. From the friendly reminder of your next visit, to the survey that follows, your Mazda dealer takes the worry out of servicing your Mazda. 

Your Mazda dealer has comfortable facilities, factory trained staff, Genuine Mazda Parts on hand and a national network to call on. Together these factors will keep that Mazda Zoom-Zoom feeling and get you back on the road quickly.

Fresh Zoom-Zoom. Exclusive to Mazda Service.


More information about Mazda Genuine Service

Genuine Mazda Parts

Genuine Mazda Parts have Zoom-Zoom built into them. Every Genuine Mazda part has been manufactured to our original design and specification. In other words, they’re tried and tested so they fit your Mazda perfectly and are certified to meet the highest Mazda Engineering Requirements set by the factory in Japan.

When we replace any part during the service program, you can feel totally confident your Mazda will perform exactly as it should.

For more information about why genuine parts maintain the quality and safety of your Mazda, please visit Genuine is Best - an initiative launched by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) to emphasise the importance of genuine vehicle parts. 

‘Whole of Life’ parts warranty

Almost all Genuine Mazda Parts come with a 'Whole of Life' Warranty, provided they’re fitted by an authorised Mazda Service Centre. 

You can’t get that peace of mind from anyone else. 

National Network

No matter which state you find yourself in there is a Mazda dealer to look after you and your Mazda. For added peace of mind every Mazda dealer has the resources of a national network and Mazda Australia to back them up should the need arise.


The benefits of Mazda Genuine Service

Expert care of your Mazda is vital to maximising its inbuilt Zoom-Zoom. Mazda servicing facilities are set up to provide the best possible protection of your valuable investment in the hands of our highly trained technicians.

Not all cars are the same and no one knows your Mazda better than a Mazda Service Technician. Mazda has an ongoing investment in training every year to ensure Mazda technicians know every Mazda inside out.

Don’t risk your Mazda with anyone else. 

Why is Mazda Genuine Service important? 

Your hip pocket & the environment

Mazda are committed to making the most from every drop of fuel, this helps to reduce running costs and minimise the environmental impact of your Mazda. Regular service will ensure that your Mazda is running efficiently and you will reap the benefits for the life of your Mazda.

Safe for you & your passengers

Your decision to drive a Mazda is a ‘safe’ one, Mazda vehicles can be counted amongst the safest on the road. This is no accident; vehicle safety is a priority at Mazda. The Mazda Maintenance Program makes this a priority during service as well. Regular inspection of your Mazda’s safety systems gives you the peace of mind that they are there if needed.

Don’t risk your warranty

Servicing your Mazda as per the Mazda Maintenance Program at an authorised Mazda Service Centre gives you the peace of mind knowing that the maintenance or repair is performed as Mazda intended. Don’t risk your warranty.  Make a Mazda dealer your only choice for your service and maintenance needs.

Maintain future value

Not only does a scheduled service give you peace of mind, Mazda Maintenance Program also helps protect your investment with written proof of the service history. When it comes time to sell your Mazda, one of the first things prospective buyers want to see is the service handbook. They want confirmation that you've looked after your Mazda. Regular servicing at a Mazda Service Centre demonstrates that you’ve maintained your Mazda, having it serviced by the most qualified technicians using top quality parts.

Mazda Modular Diagnostic System (M-MDS)

Mazda employs the latest in automotive technology and systems to deliver a range of vehicles that achieve class leading levels of performance, drivability, efficiency and safety. To ensure these complex systems, and your Mazda, are running at optimum levels your Mazda dealer uses the Mazda Modular Diagnostic System (M-MDS). The M-MDS is the only system designed to electronically check all the vital functions of your Mazda under real driving conditions, for the most accurate analysis of its performance.

Each time the M-MDS is connected to your Mazda, it checks the electronic systems, and provides the Mazda Service Technician with an electronic snapshot of your Mazda. Mazda Service Technicians trained with the M-MDS technology use this snapshot to ensure everything is calibrated to the latest factory specifications. We are constantly updating and downloading software from Japan into your vehicle to keep it performing at its peak. 

It's a unique advantage of Mazda Genuine Service. 

For more information about why genuine parts maintain the quality and safety of your Mazda, please visit Genuine is Best - an initiative launched by the Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries (FCAI) to emphasise the importance of genuine vehicle parts. 

+ The recommended price for each Scheduled Service may be amended from time to time to reflect changes such as the cost of labour, parts, lubricants and other materials. There may also be variances from state to state so please check with your local Mazda Dealer. You will however not pay more for a Scheduled Service performed by your Mazda Dealer than the price advertised for that service on at the time your Scheduled Service booking is confirmed.

^ This Service Schedule and Pricing is based on the normal use of your Mazda vehicle (as set out in the Owner's Handbook). At times, additional maintenance and repairs may be required if the vehicle is used under certain circumstances. The additional maintenance and repairs will not be covered by Mazda Service Select. Please discuss how you use your vehicle with your Mazda Dealer to establish if additional maintenance outside of this Service Schedule is required.