This Connected Services Collection Notice (Collection Notice) describes how Mazda Australia Pty Ltd (ACN 004 690 804) (Mazda, us, we, our) may collect, use, and share your Personal Information (as defined in the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth)) in connection with a Mazda vehicle equipped with an activated, factory-installed telematics system (Connected Vehicle) and the MyMazda mobile application (App).

In addition to this Collection Notice, our privacy policy available at (Privacy Policy) applies to the data collected from a Connected Vehicle, the services provided via the Connected Vehicle (Connected Services), and the App.

What information we collect

The information we collect depends on the settings for your Connected Vehicle and your App, and the services you have access to or use. 

Vehicle data: When you purchase or lease a Connected Vehicle, the telematics system is active by default and transmits vehicle data, including:

  • driving behavior data (including the acceleration and speed of your Connected Vehicle, travel direction, and use of steering and braking functions);
  • service numbers and identifiers, SIM status, device usage information (such as SIM and device identifiers, data, voice and SMS consumption, destination records, access point name and time and date stamps);
  • vehicle health data (which includes vehicle identification number (VIN); odometer, fuel level, and oil life readings; diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs); data from the Connected Vehicle’s on board diagnostics (OBD) system, including engine coolant temperature, fuel injection volume, engine rotation per minute (RPM) and the status of doors, hood, trunk, and hazard lights); and
  • driving data (including collision and accident information).

If your Connected Vehicle has a Connected Services plan, we also collect geolocation coordinates of your Connected Vehicle’s latitude and longitude (Location Data).

Connected Services and App: If you have an active Connected Services plan or use the App, we collect information including your name, address, email, phone number, VIN, and any other information you choose to provide. 

App Data: If you use the App, we collect the location of your device, device type, device operating system, Internet Protocol (IP) address, unique identifier, type of browser, Internet service provider, phone number, and information about your use of the App, including screen time, scrolling, specific actions and taps, reactions to alerts, the progress, completion or abandonment of in-application purchases, and crash reports.

How we use the information we collect

The information we collect is remotely transmitted to us for certain business purposes (including improving our products and services), and for us to provide you, and any other App user that you have authorised and any other registered user of that Connected Vehicle, with available Connected Services (including to facilitate maintenance, security, recall notices and emergency assistance).

In addition to the matters as outlined in our Privacy Policy and as permitted by law, we use the information we collect to:

  • analyse safety concerns and product trends;
  • issue product recalls, provide support and service;
  • conduct research and development, analyse quality and improve, troubleshoot, and evaluate the use of our products and services;
  • provide our products and services to you, administer your accounts and communicate with you;
  • allow us and our dealers to respond to requests and to customise and conduct advertising (including third party products and services) including by email, phone and direct mail; and
  • for legal purposes such as protecting our interests.

We may use Location Data to provide you with a Vehicle Finder feature (which allows you to use the App to view the geolocation coordinates of your Connected Vehicle’s position at the last ignition-off) and other services.

We may use driving data and vehicle health data to provide you with the status information of your Connected Vehicle, and to provide you with notifications when your Connected Vehicle is due for maintenance or service or when it reports a malfunction and other Connected Services.

If you choose to deactivate the connectivity functions on your Connected Vehicle by allowing the plan for the telematics system on your Connected Vehicle to expire, we may re-activate the connectivity for recall notification purposes only.

How we share the information we collect

In addition to the matters as outlined in our Privacy Policy and as permitted by law, we may share the information we collect with:

  • our Mazda dealers so that they can provide you information such as product or service offers. Our dealers may access Connected Vehicle information to provide you with servicing and respond to requests;
  • emergency service providers who may provide you with emergency assistance if you use a Connected Vehicle or the App;
  • our parent company, Mazda Motor Corporation, and our affiliates (collectively, the Mazda Family of Companies) and service providers who assist us with the purposes we describe in this Collection Notice. We may transfer Personal Information if we undergo a business transaction such as a sale or merger; and
  • third-party service providers who work on our behalf in connection with the uses described in this Collection Notice.

If your App account has both a primary and secondary users, the primary user may access the name, app permissions and the complete remote request history initiated by secondary users. If you invite someone to be a secondary user, you must have the secondary user’s permission, including to share their name and email address with us. We may send them an invitation that identifies you.

We use Crashlytics by Google. It helps us to improve the App’s stability and reliability. Data including device status and ID, physical location of a device, crash trace, log-files, operational system and language information and information about App use will be processed by Google.

Your obligations

There may be circumstances where you might let someone else use a product or service that we provide to you (for example, you let someone else drive your vehicle).  It is important that if you do let someone else use one of our products or services that you inform them of this Collection Notice and of the privacy choices that you have made.

If you sell or otherwise transfer your vehicle, it is your responsibility to delete all information (such as contacts, address look-ups, saved map addresses) from the vehicle’s system and contact us to transfer or cancel your account. If you do not delete this information, it may remain on the vehicle’s system and may be accessible to future users of the vehicle.