Genuine Confidence

When it comes to keeping your vehicle in tip-top shape, only a Mazda Genuine Service
can deliver the assurance and peace of mind you’re looking for.


Genuine Parts

We only use parts made for Mazda, by Mazda.

Software Updates

Updating your Mazda with the latest driver technologies.

Ongoing maintenance plan

Preserve your vehicle's value with a tailored service schedule.

Full Health Checks

Our unique Modular Diagnostic system tests your vehicles vital functions.

Over 150 Certified Mazda Service Dealerships Nationwide

Wherever you are, genuine service for your Mazda is never far away.

Find a Service Dealer

Over 150 Certified Mazda Service Dealerships Nationwide

Our Servicing Pricing explained

We make it as simple as possible to understanding our service pricing.


Type in your VIN or registration number, and we'll estimate this for you.


Take the guesswork out of what your service might cost with our service guide.



Meet Sunlight

An apprentice Mazda Genuine Service Technician who’s already worked on over 15,000 Mazda vehicles. The only thing that exceeds her passion for diagnosing and fixing problems for customers, is the passion she has for her own Mazda RX-8.

Meet Mark

A Genuine Service Technician for more than 10 years, Mark has serviced over 15,000 vehicles and counting. It’s Genuine Mazda experts like Mark that make all the difference when it comes to giving your Mazda the quality care it deserves.

Meet Andrew

A Genuine Service Technician at Mazda for 4.5 years, Andrew brings a keen eye for detail to every vehicle he works on. It’s Mazda Genuine experts like Andrew that ensure your Mazda won’t leave the garage unless they’d feel confident driving their family in it.

Meet John

With 30 years total experience and 10 years of Mazda knowledge behind him, John is another example of a highly skilled Mazda Genuine Service Technician. A proud Mazda owner himself, he looks after every Mazda vehicle he services with the same care he shows his own.

Meet Connor

He knows Mazda BT-50’s back to front, because in his 4 years as an Apprentice Mazda Genuine Service Technician, he’s already worked on over 10,000 vehicles. Highly trained and skilled, the knowledge of people like Connor ensures your Mazda can always be kept at its best.

Meet Gareth

A Genuine Mazda Service Technician for 4 years, when Gareth’s not using his skills to maintain Mazda vehicles, you’ll find him passing his knowledge down to the next generation of Mazda Technicians. It’s Genuine Mazda experts like him that you can count on for quality care of your vehicle again and again.

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