Mazda Value Protect Insurance

If your Mazda is declared a total loss, your comprehensive insurance payout may not cover the full amount you paid for your vehicle, or the loan amount you still owe.

But with Mazda Value Protect Insurance from Allianz, you'll never have to worry about a total loss leaving you out of pocket again. Because whether you've paid for your vehicle outright, or your loan balance is still outstanding, we'll help make sure that any remaining shortfall is covered by us.

How it works

Value Protect Insurance pays you the greater of the:

  • loan settlement amount less total loss payment; or
  • the replacement vehicle value less total loss payment,

up to the maximum sum insured under the cover option you select.

A range of plans to suit you

Choose the Value Protect Insurance cover that best suits your needs, for a term of 5 or 7 years.

Option A
$10,000 shortfall

+ $2,000 Extra Cover
Option B
$15,000 shortfall

+ $4,000 Extra Cover
Option C
$20,000 shortfall

+ $7,000 Extra Cover
Option D
$30,000 shortfall

+ $10,000 Extra Cover

What is Extra Cover?

In addition to covering your vehicle's shortfall, Value Protect Insurance Extra Cover will reimburse you for:

  • The excess paid by you to your comprehensive motor insurer.
  • Delivery charges, CTP, registration and stamp duty on your replacement vehicle.
  • 12 months comprehensive motor insurance on your replacement vehicle.
  • Up to 10 days vehicle hire. 

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