1st Service or 10,000 km

Base scheduled maintenance is due every 10,000 km, but no longer than 12 months, whichever comes first.

Base Scheduled Maintenance

Engine Oil
The Engine Oil is critical to ensure the lubrication of the internal components within the engine. Scheduled replacement of the vehicles Engine Oil is required. Potential contaminants can be found as the oil deteriorates and breaks down over time, reducing the overall efficiency of the engines lubrication system. This helps to maintain the efficiency of the engine's lubrication system while ensuring the safe and reliable operation of your vehicle.
Engine Oil Filter
The Oil Filter/Cartridge ensures only clean oil circulates through the engine's lubrication system. Scheduled replacement of the engine's Oil Filter/Cartridge is required as a result of contaminants that build up in the engine oil over time and are trapped by the filter. This ensures an efficient lubrication system for optimum engine performance and reliability.
Body Electrical Systems
Regular inspection of the vehicles Body Electrical Systems including lights, wipers, electric windows (if fitted) etc. by checking the operation & functionality is within specification to ensure your Mazda remains safe, efficient and performs at its most optimal level.
The Battery provides the initial power for starting your vehicle. Inspecting the battery condition, charge and load capability is vital to ensure it has sufficient voltage for the continued reliability of your vehicle.
Engine Drive Belt
The Engine Drive belts run ancillary devices using power from the engine. Regular inspections of the rubber Drive Belts for adjustment and excessive wear ensures the reliable operation of the alternator, water pump, air-conditioning and any other ancillary devices, ensuring the ongoing reliability of the vehicle.
Exhaust System
Regular inspections of the vehicles Exhaust System and heat shields for any leaks, deterioration and or corrosion, ensures optimum engine performance and fuel economy, while helping minimise exhaust emissions.
Fuel Lines & Hoses
The Fuel Lines & Hoses carry fuel from the fuel tank up to and around the engine. Regular inspections of the Fuel Lines & Hoses for any cracks, leaks or loose connections will ensure that they remain in a good condition for the ongoing safety and reliability of the vehicle.
Emission Evaporative System
The Emission Evaporative System regulates the gases found within the engines fuel system. Regular checks of your engines Emission Evaporative Control System will help prevent fumes from the fuel system escaping into the atmosphere. This ensures optimum engine performance and fuel economy, while helping to minimise emissions.
Driveline Dust Boot
Rubber Driveline Dust Boots protect the mechanical driveline joints from contaminants like dirt and water. Inspections for grease leakage, cracks, damage and looseness will ensure the ongoing longevity of the driveline joint.
Brake Fluid
The Brake Fluid provides hydraulic pressure for the vehicles braking system. Regular inspection of the Brake Fluid Level is vital to ensure the fluid is at the correct level with no visible leaks. This ensures an efficient braking system, safety and reliability for all driving conditions and elements the vehicle may be subjected to.
Brake Lines, Hoses & Connections
The braking system relies on the integrity of all Brake Lines, Hoses and their Connections. Inspections for cracks, damage, chafing, corrosion, scars, swelling and fluid leakage will ensure the efficiency of the braking system as well as your vehicles ongoing safety.
Brake Unit & Hoses
The braking system relies on the integrity of all Brake Vacuum Lines, Connections, and the Check Valve. Inspections for improper attachment, air tightness, cracks chafing and deterioration will ensure the efficiency of the braking system as well as your vehicles ongoing safety.
Parking Brake
Regular inspection for the correct adjustment of your Mazda's Parking Brake will ensure the ongoing safe and reliable operation of the vehicle.
Disc Brakes
Regular Inspections of the Brake Discs, Pad Linings and Callipers for wear, scratches, peeling, cracks, fluid leakage as well as tests for judder and noise will ensure the efficiency of the braking system as well as your vehicles ongoing safety and optimum drivability.
Tyre Wear & Pressure (incl spare)
Regular inspection of your Wheels & Tyres for correct pressure, condition of tread wear, damage and cracks ensures the safety, reliability and fuel economy of the vehicle.
Windscreen Washer Solution
Regular inspection of the windscreen washer system ensures the continued efficient operation of the windscreen wiper/washer system.
Rotate Wheels/Tyres
Regular Rotating of your Mazda's Wheels & Tyres means that tyre wear is distributed evenly from front to rear for optimum tyre wear and on-road safety.
Road Test
On-Road Testing ensures that the vehicles performance and operation of the major systems are within manufacturers specifications. This also includes the presence for any abnormal squeaks, rattles, or noises to ensure the optimum drivability of the vehicle.
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Service Prices include GST and are effective Thu Feb 29 2024 (AEST) 

The total Service Price displayed is calculated based on information you have provided.
Where maintenance is determined by both distance and period, maintenance is due whichever occurs first.
The Service Price may be amended from time to time to reflect changes such as the cost of labour, parts, lubricants and other materials. There may also be variances from state to state so please check with your local Mazda Dealer. You will however not pay more for a Service performed by your Mazda Dealer than the Price advertised for that Service on at the time your Service booking is confirmed.
This Service Schedule and Service Pricing is based on the normal use of your Mazda vehicle (as set out in the Owner's Handbook). At times, extra maintenance and repairs may be required if the vehicle is used under certain circumstances. The extra maintenance and repairs will not be covered by the Service Price. Please discuss how you use your vehicle with your Mazda Dealer to establish if extra maintenance is required that is outside of this Service Schedule and Service Pricing.