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At Mazda, we believe in the importance of two simple words: Zoom-Zoom. From the way our cars look, to the way they drive, these two words encapsulate everything we strive for. They represent excitement. They represent connection and the thrill of the drive.

They represent us, and they’re in everything we do.



Inspiring Partnerships

Over the years, we’ve joined forces with a range of organisations – from Opera Australia to various sporting clubs – to provide our drivers with the powerful and life-enriching experiences they love.

Arts & Culture


Opera Australia

Mazda's relationship with Opera Australia is our way of enriching Australia’s cultural scene, as well as giving back to a community that has continued to support us and our business. This partnership now spans fourteen years in total and has scaled new heights with our elevation to Principal Sponsor over the past six years.

During this time we have greatly enjoyed making world-class opera accessible to appreciative audiences with the staging of free events such as Mazda Opera in the Domain and Mazda Opera in the Bowl, both of which have become must-see events in Sydney and Melbourne. 


As a proud sponsor of Art Exhibitions Australia, we’ve been instrumental
in helping millions of Australians come face-to-face with some of the
world’s most celebrated pieces.

This year, we're delighted to present the groundbreaking 
Van Gogh and the Seasons at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Vincent Van Gogh, Farmhouse in Provence, 1888 , oil on canvas,
National Gallery of Art, Washington, Ailsa Mellon
Bruce Collection (1970.17.34)


North Melbourne Football Club



Netball South Australia

Mazda Victoria Four-Ball Championship


Sydney Thunder

Run for the Kids



We're thrilled to team up with some of Australia's biggest and brightest stars to showcase just what can be achieved when you join the Mazda family.

Our Ambassadors
Jodi Anasta
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Lauren Phillips
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Rob Mills
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Jack Ziebell
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We’ve only been able to achieve the things we have because of our people. Imaginative products don’t happen without imaginative minds. And imaginative minds can’t thrive without a culture that celebrates forward thinking. So If you’re someone who’s driven by big ideas – as well as a team of talented individuals – we want to hear from you.

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Supporting a range of charitable organisations – from children's charities to food banks, environmental programs and more – the Mazda Foundation has been tirelessly serving our community since 1992.

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