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Enquire at your Mazda Finance Dealer about your Mazda Tailored Rate - an interest rate personalised to your individual circumstances

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   Want to know more about our Guaranteed Future Value Product? Learn More.

MAZDA ASSURED  |  Want to know more about our Guaranteed Future Value Product? Learn More.


With Mazda, you’ll enjoy benefits long after you drive away from the Dealership.


Enjoy peace of mind with our 5 year unlimited kilometre warranty.


With 5 years free Premium Roadside Assistance, we’ve got you covered.


Enjoy your first inspection free and affordable ongoing service prices.

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Mazda Finance is currently available at participating Dealers only. Please select a participating Mazda Finance Dealer, or alternatively, contact your local Dealer to learn more about their available finance products.

What documents do I need to apply?

We've created a checklist for you before you head into the dealership.

Download PDF, 77kb



What Identification and Documents do I need to apply?

Before applying for car finance there are several documents you need to have ready. We have a checklist you can print to make sure you have everything you need.

Download Document Checklist, PDF 77KB

What is a Mazda Tailored Rate?

Instead of taking a one size fits all approach, we use our sophisticated software to calculate an interest rate based on your credit score and many other relevant factors determined by us such as marital status, property ownership, type of vehicle loan and much more.

Why should I borrow from Mazda Finance?

Unlike many banks and other financial institutions, we calculate your rate based on your credit score and other personal criteria determined by us. This means you can always be sure of a rate that’s transparent and tailored to your circumstances. As Mazda Finance is arranged through your Mazda Dealer at the time you purchase your vehicle, it’s simple and convenient too.

What term does Mazda Finance offer for their finance products?

We offer loans ranging from 12 to 72 months in length, subject to Mazda Finance policy and approval, with a variety of flexible payment options. We offer the flexibility of weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments.

Why do we need your credit score?

A credit score enables financial institutions to get a sense of your credit history.

Do I need a deposit?


Mazda Finance doesn’t require any minimum or maximum deposit requirements. However, sometimes a deposit may be required for credit reasons.

Am I guaranteed the rate generated by the Mazda Repayment Calculator?

No, the Mazda Repayment Calculator provides indicative figures only. Please visit your nearest Mazda Dealership where they will be able to calculate your Mazda Tailored Rate according to your individual circumstances.

If I use my car for business, are repayments tax deductible?

Mazda Finance cannot provide business or tax advice. You may need to seek independent financial or taxation advice.

I’m finding all this finance talk a little confusing.

Don’t worry, there’s a lot to take in. Visit our glossary page for more information on a specific topic.