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Bring it on 

Whatever job you throw at it, BT-50 performs powerfully with plenty of control. The ladder-frame chassis provides reinforcement for maximum rigidity and stability. While the powerful 3.2L turbo diesel engine makes towing light work. 

Pull an impressive 3.5 tonne or handle payloads of up to 1,310kg with ease. Whether you choose the 6-speed manual for complete control or the 6-speed auto that allows for smooth manual changes – BT-50 will take on some serious jobs. 

Take a detailed look at specs

BT-50’s frame is built for safety and hard work.

Tough from the ground up 

By using high tensile steel throughout BT-50’s body shell, we’ve been able to build an even stronger ute. 

The wishbone front and leaf rear suspension deliver better handling than you might expect from a vehicle this size. All that without compromising on hardworking durability.

Gutsy every time Make the most of generous power

BT-50 Freestyle

Enjoy BT-50’s superb on-road and confident off-road performance.

BT-50 3.2L Diesel Engine

3.2L Diesel Engine
Enjoy the power of a five-cylinder engine with common-rail direct injection and intercooling that pumps out 147kW and 470Nm of torque. (Black engine cover for XTR only)

Automatic Transmission

Automatic transmission
Let the intelligent six-speed auto do the work for you, or step in for manual gearshifts when the mood strikes. In auto mode, Active Adaptive Shift (AAS) kicks in – intuitively changing gears to suit your driving conditions. 


  • DOHC, common-rail direct injection, variable geometry turbocharger and intercooling combine to create effortless power.
  • Hill Launch Assist (HLA) keeps the brakes applied as you remove your foot from the brake pedal to apply throttle. 
  • Hill Descent Control (HDC) automatically applies brakes to maintain a steady, low speed down steep slopes. (4x4 only)
Mazda BT-50 Chassis


4x4 or 4x2

If your weekends are full of off-road adventures, a 4x4 will handle it all without breaking a sweat. It’s built for navigating rocky slopes and rugged landscapes.

Lighter on its feet, 4x2 packs the punch you need to get all the work done. It loses none of its grunt when it comes to towing with a 3.5 tonnes capacity and payloads up to 1,310kg.

BT-50 Fleet

BT-50 Fleet

Do more with more. 

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Imagination Drives Us

Imagination Drives Us

See how imagination helps shape the entire Mazda range. 

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